About Us

Animal Jam is one of the top-rated and fastest growing communities on the internet. With thousands of other gamers just like you, it can be very addicting getting to know all the different new friends you have made within such a fun virtual reality. There is one thing though that keeps some people a way and that is having to pay for a membership. Being a pay-to-play community you must pay every month to be a part of the community. Luckily though, we have created the Animal Jam hack tool that gets you free membership codes and diamonds as well.
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We are always continuing to fix, alter, change and innovate on the Animal Jam hack tool so we can be one step ahead of the game. We strived to create an online based hack tool that requires no software, no extensions, no add-ons and no other outside sources. Everything is all on our website and with just a few clicks you can get a free membership code and unlimited diamonds sent straight to your account. We invite you to give it a try today!